In view of Donald Trump’s response to the Capitol assault, YouTube decided to ban the outgoing president from posting new videos or making livestreams on his channel for at least seven days.

The platform explains, through its Twitter account, that the measure comes after a review of the channel’s content, also relating to the growing concerns that more violent incidents may occur. Since Donald Trump’s channel violates YouTube’s policies, he now receives the first strike, or “strike”.

According to the platform, if a channel receives a second strike within 90 days, it will not be able to post content for 2 weeks. If you commit another policy violation during that time, the channel will be permanently removed from YouTube.

In addition to the ban, YouTube has disabled the comment section on all videos of the outgoing president for an indefinite period of time, a measure that is already being applied on other channels.

As one of the last platforms to take concrete action in relation to Donald Trump’s account, even after the vast majority took much more “tight” measures right in the week that the Capitol incidents followed, YouTube’s initial response was criticized by newly created Alphabet Workers Union.

The group of workers at Alphabet, Google’s “parent house”, accused the platform of fomenting fascist ideologies and of not having acted as it should after the assault. “YouTube refuses to hold Donald Trump responsible for failing to comply with the platform’s own rules, choosing only to delete a video instead of removing it entirely.”

Later, YouTube ended up announcing new measures related to the spread of false information. The platform will then proceed to send a first warning to any user who violates the integrity policy regarding the presidential elections, eliminating the videos in question and preventing him from making new publications for a week.

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