Attention to Facebook! As we all know, social networks have many good things, but they can also be easily used for evil. The Judiciary Police of Aveiro recently detained a 24-year-old boy who recruited minors between the ages of 11 and 15.

The detainee encouraged minors to strip, using the social network Facebook as a communication channel.

Aveiro: Young pedophile who attacked on Facebook detained by the PJ

The Judiciary Police, through the Aveiro Criminal Investigation Department, identified and detained a 24-year-old man, without a defined professional occupation, for strong evidence of the practice of the crimes of child sexual abuse, rape and child pornography. via Facebook, of which several children aged between 11 and 15 were victims.

According to information from the PJ, in the scope of the home search carried out at the suspect's home, thousands of conversations were found with female minors, through Messenger, the electronic communications platform of the social network Facebook, containing hundreds of multimedia files - video, image and audio - in which children appear naked, with full display and manipulation of intimate body areas.

Aveiro: Young pedophile who attacked on Facebook detained by the PJ

All of these files were obtained by the defendant using a fictitious user profile on social media Facebook, using a name and an attractive photo of a young man who does not correspond to him. The initial submissions by the victims were of free will, following the conviction by the defendant in this regard, and he later coerced them, under threat of dissemination of the digital content he had in possession, when they began to refuse to make the videos and the photographs he urged them to send him.

The investigation will continue to try to identify as many of the countless victims as possible, based on the analysis of the immensity of seized data and the realization of forensic computer skills. The detainee was present at the competent Judicial Authorities for judicial interrogation, and the preventive arrest coercion measure was applied.

PJ: Many arrests in 2020 for youth sexual crime

The Judiciary Police reveals that, in the exercise of its reserved investigative powers, as provided for in the Criminal Investigation Organization Law, it disclosed, for the purpose of criminal prevention, about a hundred situations of detention, which occurred in the context of sexual crime, with children and youth as victims.

Seized pornographic content often included intimate images, provided by victims, mislead or coerced by sexual abusers.

Aveiro: Young pedophile who attacked on Facebook detained by the PJ

The Judiciary Police implemented adequate spaces - in all Directorates and Criminal Investigation Departments of the Judicial Police, from north to south of the country, including autonomous regions - in close articulation with APAV and benefiting from community financial support, for specialized dialogue with particularly victims vulnerable children, including children and young people who are victims of sexual crimes.


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