The range of Uber Eats partners has just increased and, although the name of the service points to food, the latest brand to join the family is not part of the restaurant world. O Boticário is the latest achievement, offering beauty and wellness products through the mobile application best known for delivering meals at home.

The partnership starts with 56 O Boticário stores, from different parts of the country, and more than 200 references ready to be ordered via the app: from perfumes to makeup or face creams, among others. The exclusive partnership represents the brand’s debut on a delivery platform. On the Uber Eats side, this is also a first in this segment.

«It is with great pride that we celebrate this partnership with O Boticário, especially at this time when convenience, speed and convenience are key to Christmas shopping», says Diogo Aires Conceição, general director of Uber Eats in Portugal. According to the official, Uber Eats has become more than just a meal delivery application throughout this year and this collaboration mirrors that.

For 2021, the plan is to offer more and more options to users, “so that the Portuguese can receive everything they need in their daily lives, wherever they want”.

Carla Goulão, country manager of Grupo Boticário, shares the same vision. In a statement, he mentions that 2020 was a year in which online and delivery became even more strategic, and the partnership with Uber Eats allows the brand to reach the Portuguese in a new way.

«Now we can proudly say that it is possible to find O Boticário everywhere and in all ways. We have 56 physical stores, an online store that sells throughout Europe, resellers by catalog and delivery! », He concludes.

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