Take-away has been an expression repeated widely in the restaurant sector since the pandemic began, but Zomato proposes a new variant: solidary take-away. The platform joined Nuts Branding and Refood to launch a campaign that aims to offer solidary meals while supporting national catering.

The campaign is part of the “Uma Mesa para Todos” initiative, which, year after year, has led these three organizations to ensure that there are fewer empty dishes in Portugal, around Christmas. To be part of this action, just access the Zomato app, select the number of meals that you want to offer from a particular participating restaurant. Each lunch or dinner costs four euros and will be destined to Refood beneficiaries.

At the same time, “Uma Mesa para Todos” helps catering spaces that thus find an opportunity to increase sales via take-away. The collection of meals is the responsibility of Refood volunteers from the nearest center.

The action starts in Lisbon, where it will run until the end of January. Registration for interested restaurants is still open, with the aim of exceeding the offer of a thousand meals. After Lisbon, Zomato, Refood and Nuts Branding hope to take the solidarity take-away to Porto, Braga, Santarém and Algarve.

The assessment of the initiative will be made at the beginning of next year, but until then, it is possible to follow the updated number of meals offered through the app.

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