Twitter is one of the most used platforms by Metropolitano de Lisboa passengers to share traffic problems, for example, so it is not surprising that it is the latest platform to have an official profile of this means of transport. “Hi! The Metropolitano de Lisboa just stopped at the Twitter station! Have a good trip! ”, Writes the company in its first publication.

The capital’s metro arrived on Twitter last Sunday, January 3rd, and, for now, it only adds up to two publications. In addition to the initial greeting, today he shared a message dedicated to João Cutileiro, a sculptor who died this morning and whose work can be seen at the Marquês de Pombal and Parque stations.

In a statement, Metropolitano de Lisboa explains that the creation of a Twitter account aims to bring the company closer to its customers and stakeholders, further strengthening the involvement and recognition of the “Metro de Lisboa” brand.

The aim is to share useful information about the metro network, but also to disseminate other institutional information. In addition to Twitter, Metro de Lisboa is present on Facebook and Instagram.

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