Apparently, Apple will not be the only brand to sell smartphones without a charger. After Samsung removed all the publications it made on social media, where it joked about the fact that the technological giant has stopped including the accessory in the boxes of its equipment, leaving in the air the idea that it is preparing to do the same, Xiaomi announced that its next flagship phone, the M11, will not be sold with a charger included.

The justification presented is in line with the reason given by Apple for making this decision. The company argues that most consumers already have other chargers in their possession and that this makes it possible to sell more sustainable devices. The manufacturer will also save materials in the production of packaging and space in the distribution process.

The Chinese giant has a conference scheduled for today, December 28, to debate the decision. The company recognizes that this measure may be unreasonable for potential buyers, as it may alienate them from its products.

The decision is also being criticized, not because of its environmental dimension, but because it widens Xiaomi’s profit margins. The technology company did not comment on the possibility of lowering the prices of its mobile phones.

With two brands in the lot and a hypothetical third, it is possible that we will see other manufacturers taking similar steps, so this may well be a trend for the smartphone industry in 2021.

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