Although they are not yet a solid presence in the smartphone market, folders have managed to conquer their position and become an alternative. There are still some problems, the biggest being the price, but that the brands want to overcome.

If the big players in this area are Samsung and Huawei for now, there is a new competitor preparing to have proposals. We talk about Xiaomi, which will be preparing 3 new foldable smartphones to present to the market.

Xiaomi foldable smartphones Samsung Huawei

Foldable smartphones are still a promise

Foldable smartphones are not new to the market. There are already offers that can be purchased, even though they are far from being accessible to most consumers. If the price is limited, the technology seems to be already mature and ready to be used in everyday life.

Xiaomi has already shown several prototypes and will be wanting to enter this market, which increasingly interests users. It has not yet taken the necessary step, but it has already implied that it has everything ready so that it can be another strong competitor and that it will be taken into account.

Xiaomi will soon have new proposals in this area

Proof of this is a new rumor that was introduced on Twiter and realizing that it will be in 2021 that Xiaomi will hit the market with its folding proposals. It is not known how or when, but everything points to these proposals being very interesting.

In all, the Chinese brand is expected to present 3 foldable smartphone proposals, contrasting everything the market has available. Thus, one will be with the folding screen inside, the other outside and finally a proposal will be a clamshell with the flip philosophy.

Will you be able to fight with Samsung and Huawei?

Xiaomi's big weapon for this market will have to be the price at which these foldable smartphones will be offered. The brand always has proposals with lower values ​​and this line should be followed again in these future proposals of the brand.

Foldable smartphones have been waiting for a long time to make a definitive statement, which takes time. Samsung and its already have their paths mapped out for that to happen, but it is important to arrive at Xiaomi and these 3 proposals, thus marking a new start in 2021 for this market.

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