Over the years, there is a lot of news that comes up about gadgets that burst during loading. These situations are rarely related to manufacturing problems, but rather to the way they are loaded. Now, the news comes that a Mi Band 5 started to burn while charging.

But is this a cause for concern?

There was a lot of news that we have already given here about devices that explode, mainly during charging or even during processes that lead to their overheating.

Despite the many cases, so many others that it should not even reach general knowledge, there is no reason to worry. There was, however, the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note7, which was eventually withdrawn from the market and hundreds of devices were collected, as they actually represent a danger to its users.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 explodes during charging

One of the most popular smartbands on the market, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 now raises some security concerns.

It was through Reddit that a user reported and shared some photos of his completely destroyed Mi Band 5. According to him, during charging, there was a small explosion that ended up leaving the smartband unusable. The moment he realized the situation, the user threw it on the floor and put his foot on top, to extinguish the flames that formed after the explosion.

According to the user, the Mi Band would be charging normally, with the original charger and a Xiaomi 5V / 1A power adapter.

Despite this incident, there are no more reports of Mi Bands that are exploding, so this case should not be viewed with alarmism. It was a one-off situation, although there was little explanation for what happened.

In fact, Xiaomi does not have many complaints associated with explosions from its devices either during charging or at other times. With ultra fast charging batteries, hopefully these cases will not multiply in the near future.

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