Yesterday was a very important day for Xiaomi. The Chinese brand finally unveiled its long-awaited flagship Mi 11. And this is then the first smartphone to be launched with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 888 processor.

So, it is now time for testing and to understand whether this is indeed a powerful device or not. In this way, a youtuber has already dismantled the Mi 11, and now shows us several details, such as the new SoC, which, in turn, is “warm”.

As we have already mentioned several times, Xiaomi has built a solid empire, through the development of various quality products, relevant, innovative and accessible.

In the smartphone segment, the Chinese brand is one of the most prominent in this competitive market. And yesterday was finally presented the new top of the range Mi 11, which already brings the recently presented Snapdragon 888 processor from Qualcomm.

Some people have been lucky enough to have a copy of the Mi 11 in their hands. And, as you would expect, now is the time to intensively test the equipment and determine if it really is the machine we all expected.

a youtuber Chinese, specialist in disassembling technological equipment, opened the Xiaomi Mi 11 to show us what the phone looks like inside. And, to the delight of more adventurous users, the disassembly process for this model is quite simple.

Xiaomi Mi 11 has been disassembled and the processor is “warm”

According to the youtuber, the phone has a organized layout and beautiful of the internal components. Inside, the Mi 11 uses internal walls of heat dissipation cooled with VC liquid that, combined with other systems, such as copper, airgel, graphite and thermal paste, help to cool the equipment for as long as possible.

However, even with all this advanced system, the youtuber realized that the smartphone was overheating when running the PUBG: Mobile game at the maximum settings of 60 Hz for 30 minutes. The phone managed to reach 41ºC in the display area and 40ºC in the rear.

In turn, in the title Genshin Impact, the Mi 11 registered a maximum temperature of 37ºC during an hour of play with all settings at maximum.

Even if they are high temperatures, the truth is that it is thanks to this advanced cooling system that the user will be able to ensure that these values ​​do not increase to much higher ones.

For example, without the heat dissipating materials, the Mi 11 easily reached 80ºC. In short, you need a robust cooling system to control all the power of the Snapdragon 888.

As for the cameras, the Mi 11 brings the same protective glass used in the new iPhone 12 on the main sensor of 108 MP, a HMX from Samsung. The macro and selfies cameras are also manufactured by the South Korean brand, and the wide angle is produced by OmniVision.

The battery in this model is 4,600 mAh and is produced by Sunwoda Electronics. Supports 55 W and 50 W wireless charging.

Watch the video where the Xiaomi Mi 11 is disassembled:

Pre-orders start on January 1, 2021. The Xiaomi Mi 11 will be available in six different colors and will even have a special version.

The price starts at 3,999 CNY ($ 610 / € 500) and goes up to 4,699 CNY ($ 720 / € 585) for the option with more memory.

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