According to a study conducted by ZDNet, Windows 7 continues to be used on more than 100 million computers worldwide. Remember that Microsoft stopped providing technical support to users of the operating system about a year ago. The portal calculates, based on a set of market analyzes, that the software is still installed on more or less 20% of all currently active PCs.

According to the latest figures from the technological giant, there are about 1.5 billion users using Windows operating systems, among all versions. It is difficult to obtain an exact number of the number of users of version 7, since analysts tend to slightly disagree in the numbers, but the percentage indicates that there are at least 100 million devices working with this operating system – being that the actual number may exceed 200 million. For the sake of comparison, it is important to underline that there are about 1,000 million Windows 10 computers.

Write the The Verge that the success of Windows 7, especially in the business segment, showed, early on, that it would be complicated to reduce its market share to levels below 10%, so the transition may take more than two years to fully materialize. In a pandemic context, where many professionals still work from home, the change may even be postponed beyond that period, which represents a security risk for these same users.

In 2020, demand for computers increased, especially in notebooks. Some analysts indicate that PC sales may have reached 300 million units. If confirmed, this scenario represents a turning point for the segment, since it was only in 2019 that PCs registered an increase in sales, for the first time since 2011. At the time, analysts justified the change in the trend with the end of support for Windows 7. The pandemic has continued to peak, even against the experts’ first estimates.

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