Over the past few years Microsoft has given Windows 10 an important set of new tools. These are usually graphical and help users to manage this operating system better and simpler.

In other, rarer situations, these tools appear in places that are less visible and dedicated to PowerShell. It is the case of one more that is coming, that will be dedicated to the space occupied on disk and that will be used on the command line.

Windows 10 DiskUsage disk space occupied

A new tool for Windows 10

Managing disk space in Windows 10 is not a complicated process. The file explorer gives the user all the necessary tools, whether to delete, move or copy files. Something that is missing natively is a tool to find out where that space is.

There are dozens of solutions on the market for this need, but it was time for Microsoft to create its proposal. Thus appears DiskUsage, which is already being tested in the development versions of Windows 10. Soon it can be used by everyone.

Windows 10 DiskUsage disk space occupied

Microsoft wants control of disk space

Although it does not have a graphical interface, DiskUsage is simple to use and provides extremely useful information. After creating the right command line, with the desired flags and options, everything goes directly and is presented to the user.

Information about the actual space, the space occupied on the disk and the location of each file can be obtained. DiskUsage also provides filters to discover in Windows 10 only files over a certain size or in a specific folder.

Windows 10 DiskUsage disk space occupied

Presentation formats can also be defined and changed. The user just has to choose whether he wants CSV, readable format or the standard. As we said, the options are many and can be consulted to be combined with each other.

Microsoft seems to be betting on important tools for Windows 10, basing them on PowerShell and the command line. After seeing an app installer, now is the time to see a tool that was requested many years ago.

More solutions to manage this space

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