The world of software and entertainment sales platforms has been changing, increasing its spectrum even more. The result of this is CDKeysales which, in a wide catalog, presents not only variety but quality.

So, acquiring Windows 10, Office, Antivirus and threat tools, VPNs, Games for various platforms are the simplest thing to achieve on this platform.

Boxing day discounts, post Christmas 20%:

In order to promote its platform, CDKeysales presents a special coupon with 20% discount. Just use the coupon with PPL20 and receive immediate discounts:

Other software:

It is certainly recommended to take a look at tools such as:

Among many others, just explore a little.

CDKeysales catalog:

Primarily, CDKeysales presents keys for:

  • Steam,
  • PlayStation Network Cards
  • Apple iTunes
  • Google Play
  • PC game / expansion packs
  • software keys such as:
    • Windows
    • Office
    • Kaspersky
    • Avira
    • McAfee
    • Aomei
    • VPN
    • Many others…

CDKeysales, which is:

Undeniably, the CDKeysales is an online sales platform specializing in providing a diverse selection of digital codes for the latest entertainment and gaming products.

On the other hand, at the price level, the platform is considered very competitive and very fast with the immediate delivery of the keys through an automatic system that approves the purchase and immediately sends the key, creating a good service.

Payment: what types of payments are there?

At the same time, as the CDKeysales catalog, there are also several options here:

  • paypal,
  • Visa,
  • paymentwall.

At the same time, CDKeysales also offers a permanent live chat so we can talk in case of any problems.

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