The COVID-19 pandemic has forced several changes in society and services. Distance learning has been an alternative to face-to-face classes, but schools do not always have the best Internet connection.

The Minister of Education announced this Monday that in the coming weeks there will be a “reinforcement of the Internet” in the various schools in the country.

Portugal: Will Internet problems in schools end?

Strengthening the Internet in schools in the coming weeks….

The announcement was made by Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, Minister of Education, who referred to this bet on digitalization as the “biggest logistics operation” and “real reform” of the education system. Such changes imply a reinforcement of the Internet in Schools, which will certainly also require the change of equipment.

The Ministry of Education in the coming weeks will reinforce the Internet in schools. It is an important reinforcement in the speed of the schools 'Internet, in the capacity of the schools' Internet with a very high priority to audio and video so that whenever necessary, teachers can contact students who are not in schools.

What is happening right now is a real reform in terms of digitizing our school and it is this digital school that we want to operate

The minister also said that in addition to the 100 thousand computers, which were already distributed during the first period by students of secondary education in levels A and B, there are plans to deliver another 260 thousand computers.

The 100,000 computers were distributed in the first period. I had already announced that the purchase of 260 thousand computers was made and during this second period the distribution of these computers will begin.

Tiago Brandão Rodrigues also stated that, although the digitization process is already in the Government program, the COVID-19 pandemic “came to catalyze and accelerate the whole process”

In the economic and social stabilization program 400 million euros were allocated, a new 500 million euros are now allocated in the resilience and recovery program for digitizing schools, equipping schools, but also to train our teachers, non-teachers and we can dematerialize all the pedagogical material

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