One of the news that marked yesterday was the WhatsApp ultimatum to users. Those who do not accept data sharing with Facebook may see their account removed from the platform.

However, and luckily there are excellent alternatives as good or even better than WhatsApp. If you are already looking for alternatives, Telegram or Signal are the answer.

WhatsApp Ultimatum?  Switch to Telegram or Signal

WhatsApp has good alternatives ...

According to what was announced yesterday, WhatsApp will delete your account if you do not accept data sharing with Facebook. Such a position led to the revolt of users and who can win is Telegram or Signal.

Signal: The platform that stands for security

Signal belongs to Open Whisper Systems and is an app that is available for iOS and also for Android and Desktop. This app simply uses the SIM card number of the smartphone and the contacts we have registered. There are no separate logins, usernames, password, pins, etc.

Unlike other apps in this segment, the Signal app encrypts communications during message exchanges with the particularity of the keys used being on the customers' side, which makes it impossible for the company responsible for the service to read messages.

According to recent figures, the Signal messaging app already has more than 10 million downloads in the Google app store.

This app does not feature any advertising and is completely free. If you are looking for a communications app that guarantees security, then try this app / service. In addition to the Android and iOS version, there is also a version for desktop.


Telegram - The platform that “inspires” WhatsApp?

Telegram is a platform in the style of WhatsApp and Signal, but it is probably the platform that has the most innovation. In fact, many of WhatsApp's functions are “inspired” by Telegram itself. Pplware recently left here 10 tips to get the most out of this communications platform.

Of the various features, highlighting the robust stickers, the possibility of creating secret chats, the possibility of creating broadcast channels, etc. If you are already a Telegram user, you can also follow on here.


Both the Signal platform and Telegram are quite complete, but they are not as popular as WhatsApp. In the case of Telegram, the platform has grown significantly in recent years. In addition to these we also suggest that you take a look at Discord, which has also won many fans.

What other platforms do you use for communication?

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