Those responsible for WhatsApp may have shot themselves in the foot. After the announcement about data sharing with Facebook, thousands of users have been looking for alternatives… and they exist!

The numbers of downloads of Telegram and Signal have skyrocketed and WhatsApp has already reinforced that it is a safe conversation tool.

WhatsApp is already scared?  Company says service is safe ...

WhatsApp justifies itself and publishes infographic about "security" of the service "

WhatsApp has always been one of the most popular tools in the communication segment. This does not mean that it is the best, because tools like Telegram offer all the features (even more complete) and security at another level. With the policy change announced, WhatsApp has seen strong competition growth.

The company already realized that customers did not like the changes and recently launched an infographic justifying that WhatsApp is really safe and that Facebook will not have access to its messages.

WhatsApp is already scared?  Company says service is safe ...

A new infographic shared by the company highlights that WhatsApp cannot see private messages or listen to calls and therefore neither Facebook can. It also reveals that WhatsApp does not keep records that users are sending messages or calling, cannot see the shared location, does not share contact information with Facebook and that WhatsApp groups remain private.

As we have already revealed here, the Facebook service is losing popularity and downloads for this app fell 11% in the first seven days of 2021, compared to the previous week. This year 2021 could be a landmark year for the technology giants, especially for Facebook and its services, with the competition presenting very robust and “trustworthy” solutions. For now users seem to have moved on to Telegram, Signal and even Discord.

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