One of the most important parts of Christmas is, without a doubt, the fact that we are with our family. And even though this year this interaction is made with several restrictions, it is essential that we keep in touch with all our family and friends.

But there is yet another important and characteristic aspect of this holiday season, which is the exchange of gifts. Technology is increasingly part of the choices for gifts and, in this sense, in our question this week we want to know what gadgets I would like to receive this Christmas.

What gadgets would you like to receive this Christmas?

Since more and more people give and receive technological products in this court, as usual we want to know which gadgets would like to receive this Christmas.

In the list we have inserted several devices dedicated to the various segments. From computers, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and smartbands, headphones and earphones. But we also included video game consoles, as this year we have two more weight, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

You can also choose peripherals, such as a mouse, keyboard and printer, as well as routers, speakers and music players, cameras, action cameras and RaspberryPi. The list also includes domestic robots, which are increasingly used, SmartTV, BoxTV, VR Glasses, WiFi repeater and video projector.

Finally, you can also choose drones, powerbanks, GPS and electric scooters or Hoverboards.

Have you chosen which of these gadgets you want to receive this Christmas? Then participate in our weekly question and Happy Holidays!

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