In a digital world where everything is apparently “free”, nothing is truly free. What changes is the currency of exchange and instead of money it is the personal data of users that are worth “gold”. Be it social networks, video streaming platforms, digital retail stores, and many others that you probably use frequently collect data from users.

Through the website Who’s Watching You you can check what kind of data each company collects from users. Just click on the icon of services as popular as Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Instagram or eBay, to name a few, to check the “scary” list of data that is controlled.

Facebook, for example, checks comments, photos, interactions with users, the date and time that most accesses the platform, among many more. Netflix accesses location information, the identification of devices using the application, searches and usage history.

The website also allows you to make some quick filters, such as apps and services that ask for geolocation, which access messages, access information about the equipment and its use, as well as activity on third party websites.

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