Registration of the vaccine on the smartphone? Technology has been a strong ally in the health field. Along with all the science aimed at finding solutions for COVID-19, technological tools have also appeared to help control the pandemic (eg App StayAway COVID). With the vaccination process in progress, why not have the record that was vaccinated on your smartphone?

Healthvana has already launched a solution.

COVID-19: Registration of the vaccine on Android and iOS?  Yes, it already exists

Vaccine registration with Apple Wallet or Google Pay

Harnessing the full potential of technology and mobile devices, the American company Healthvana launched a solution for registering vaccine intake. This solution makes it possible to certify and store information about vaccination, using the Apple Wallet and Google Pay for iOS and Android, respectively.

The application presents data on who administered the vaccine, the number of patients and also the dates when doses were taken. Information about which vaccine was administered is also shown.

COVID-19: Registration of the vaccine on Android and iOS?  Yes, it already exists

The idea is quite interesting, but it is only available to the United States. In view of its usefulness, perhaps this solution can be made available in Europe. In Portugal it is already possible to have the vaccine bulletin on your smartphone.

The MySNS Wallet app gathers citizen health information in an application resident on your smartphone. Associated with the citizen, through his SNS User number and validated with the information present in the National User Registry (RNU), the citizen associates specific “cards” by informational components of interest. Each card corresponds to a type of health information. The MySNS Carteira, application of the SNS, allows health professionals to access the individual vaccination form, and the citizen can consult and print their digital Vaccination Bulletin.

Perhaps the government services can provide information on vaccine intake in this solution.

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