PlayStation 5 launched just over a month ago and quickly won over players. There are several accolades for the Sony console, and it has also been a real sales success.

However, there are some users with some complaints. And recently the malfunction of the adaptive triggers of the DualSense remote is the focus of the complaints presented.

The various information that comes out confirms that Sony has done its best and created a true gaming machine with the PlayStation 5. Sales have been a real success and, therefore, the console is already sold out in several stores.

According to the information, the company has already sold 3.4 million PS4 units in just four weeks. However, many more copies are expected in the coming year.

But, in addition to the console, attention also turned to the DualSense controller, which brought many new features. Among them are haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The latter allow greater immersion in the game, especially in shooting and running games.

However, as with any technology, especially new, there are also some references to problems.

Users complain of problems with DualSense adaptive triggers

Some users of sites like ResetEra and Reddit are leaving some complaints regarding the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. According to the publications, the controller has shown malfunctions in the adaptive triggers.

The reason is pointed to a spring that, in some cases, broke partially, in others it suffered small displacements or simply stopped working completely.

Picture of the PlayStation 5 wireless controller, DualSense

A user of ResetEra, for example, leaves the following complaint:

A few days ago I was playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales when I felt R2 pop and immediately became more loose. It was as if what made the trigger resist had broken and made it a normal, non-adaptive trigger. Considering I have less than 50 hours of gameplay on PS5 and have always taken good care of my devices, this was unexpected, to say the least. So, I started researching to see how often this problem occurred and found that I was not the only one.

Just do a quick search to discover other complaints left by gamers on Reddit, see on here.

As a solution, there are those who leave the suggestion of opening the remote and placing the spring in the opposite position, as shown in this video. On the other hand, you can disable the adaptive functions so that the triggers work normally.

However, our advice is to use the warranty in case you notice any problem with the remote, the console or other accessories.

Have you noticed a problem with the DualSense controller on your PlayStation 5?

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