Technology has always been and will always be used for less lawful purposes. As such, the story we show today is one such case. A Tesla driver, convicted of speeding, tried to cheat the examiner when he went to take the driving test again to get his driving license back. But the scheme did not go well.

The Tesla’s autopilot may have unmasked the “cheat”, given its explanatory system.

Tesla image with automatic pilot in driving test

Using the Tesla Autopilot in a driving test… it gives you lead!

The driver of a Tesla, which has a YouTube channel dedicated to the brand, TESLAPEG, he sneakily tried to trick the driving examiner. After losing his driving license due to speeding, the man was forced to take another test to get the title again.

However, his tactic did not work and the examiner noticed. The man, who was attentive to the tram screen, noticed the “blue steering wheel”, which signals the Autopilot action. After the road test, the youtuber was called for a small meeting and everything was explained.

Okay, quick question. What was that little blue symbol? Was that like some sort of automatic steering or cruise control?

The Tesla owner tried to avoid the question by timidly describing the autopilot as simply assisting the driver.

This does not really help us to drive. This simply helps the driver.

Argued the Tesla owner.

At the meeting, the driver recorded the audio and it is clear that the examiner reported the “maneuver”. He explained what he had to explain and in his final verdict failed the performance of Youtuber. According to the driving school official, the exam was for the examiner to understand the driver’s capabilities. As such, the car’s capabilities were not being assessed and the exam ended with a lead.

Therefore, the “crime” did not pay off and using the car’s driving skills was no solution.

In Portugal these exams are not done in the driver’s car, but in the driving school car. However, in the future all cars will have driving assistance systems. So, how will these tests be performed on the driver’s driving skills?

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