Driving distraction remains the main cause of car accidents during the festive season of Christmas. Even with the decrease in traffic on the roads, due to restrictions imposed by the government, compared to last year, the number of claims is identical to the same period in 2019, said Major João Amorim, from GNR in an interview with SIC Notícias.

Remember that the fines related to the use of mobile phones while driving have more than doubled. The threshold values ​​of 120 euros rose to 250 euros and those from 600 to 1,250. The increase in fines does not seem to have prevented the continued ignoring of the rules, and during a GNR inspection operation, carried out in mid-December, under the theme “At the wheel, the cell phone can wait”, more than 341 drivers were detected to the phone while driving.

In all, in the inspection of December 15, more than 25 thousand vehicles were inspected, resulting in 5,371 infractions, of which 341 were related to the use of the equipment. During the period of that campaign, according to the GNR, there were a total of 1,469 accidents, resulting in three fatalities, 18 seriously injured and 406 minor injuries.

“What concerns us a lot is the type of accident that we have been checking, which is the distraction. And what most involves the distraction is the digital distraction through the equipment that the vehicle has, the cell phones and other digital equipment ”, said João Amorim, without advancing the number of accidents or fatalities during the Christmas period.

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