The “relationship” between Twitter and Donald Trump has not been the most peaceful in recent times and the social network has once again challenged the outgoing president of the United States, after exalted moods on Capitol Hill, which led to at least four deaths. This time, Twitter blocked Donald Trump’s account and threatened to ban him forever, in addition to removing three tweets. The social networks Instagram and Facebook also followed suit.

According to the international press, one of the tweets of the President of the United States is part of a video in which Donald Trump continues to argue that the election results do not correspond to the truth. But the tycoon goes even further and, despite encouraging protesters to disperse after the violence that marked the dawn of Thursday, he reiterates his “love” for them.

In the face of Donald Trump’s behavior, the social network has taken a severe step. In addition to deleting three tweets, since around midnight that Donald Trump’s account is blocked. Twitter also explained that this restriction is in effect for 12 hours and, if the tweets are not deleted, the account will remain blocked.

So far the social network has not yet clarified whether the account remains blocked or not.

This means that the outgoing president of the United States is unable to tweet, retweet or like any tweets while the account is blocked. And, as Twitter makes clear in your page, “repeated violations of Twitter rules may lead to permanent suspension”. Therefore, the social network threatens even the permanent suspension of the account @realDonaldTrump if you continue to not comply with the rules of Jack Dorsey’s social network.

Twitter’s decision comes after dawn, which will certainly be marked by history. During the session to ratify Democratic Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential elections, in Congress in Washington, United States, a group of protesters who supported Donald Trump entered the Capitol, which led to the suspension of the session for a few hours.

According to the Associated Press news agency, the incident led to the death of at least four people. However, Donald Trump has already come to say that “there will be an orderly transition” from power to President-elect Joe Biden after Congress has completed certifying the Democrats’ victory in the Presidential.

Facebook follows Twitter example, but blocking is more severe

In the early hours of Thursday, Facebook also announced the blocking of Donald Trump’s account, but in this case for 24 hours. The measure also applies to Instagram.

The decision also comes after the “invasion” of the Capitol by pro-Trump protesters. Facebook says it has recorded two policy violations by the outgoing president of the United States.

However, Mark Zuckerberg came to announce on Thursday afternoon that after all the accounts of the outgoing president of the United States are suspended indefinitely. It is certain that until at least until January 20, the date on which his presidency ends, Donald Trump will not be able to publish anything in his accounts.

“War” between Trump and social media is not new

What is certain is that social networks are increasingly aware of Donald Trump’s behavior. In August 2020, Facebook deleted a post from Donald Trump for the first time, while Twitter deleted a tweet from the US president’s election campaign account. At stake are statements by the tycoon stating that children are “practically immune” to COVID-19, with social networks considering disinformation.

Before that, in June a tweet by Donald Trump was first referred to as “media manipulation”. The content includes a video that suggests that CNN had racist behavior. Something that does not correspond to reality and that Twitter was keen to clarify.

Taking into account the famous controversy of Donald Trump’s tweets, the social network even reached the end of last December to create a new label to flag Donald Trump’s tweets. The tag came in response to yet another tweet where Trump says he won the election.

The decisions that social networks have made is a culmination of tension between Donald Trump and the platforms. In 2019, Twitter issued a statement in which it stressed that the political leaders present on the platform are not above the rules and in 2020 the President of the United States threatened to “punish” social networks for doing fact-checking of publications. Still, the truth is that, despite the various infractions in terms of using the social network, Donald Trump has privileges as a “world leader”. Something that will end on January 20, 2021.

Editorial note: news updated with the most recent Facebook decisions at 17:00 on January 7.

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