Will the foldable smartphone be the next big trend in the world? It could probably be a product for a particular niche market, at least at an early stage. In fact, some brands already have work done. Apple is already thinking about what could result. It is said that it has foldable iPhone units in tests.

According to a new report, Foxconn has been successful in tests carried out on two prototypes of the foldable Apple smartphone.

Foldable iPhone Illustration

Apple tests foldable iPhone

Following earlier rumors that Foxconn is testing a foldable iPhone, a new report says it was actually testing two competing designs for Apple.

A new report from a Taiwanese publication claims that at least two foldable iPhone prototypes have passed Apple's internal durability tests. Testing of the folding iPhones' hinge system was conducted at a Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China.

Of the two foldable iPhone prototypes that Apple is testing, only one has a foldable screen. Apparently it has a shell design similar to the Motorola RAZR and Galaxy Z Flip.

Although still a prototype, it uses flexible OLED panels provided by Samsung. The other prototype has dual screens that are joined by a hinge similar to the LG G8x.

Leaker Jon Prosser has also detailed a foldable iPhone prototype that uses dual screens connected by a hinge. The format of the foldable iPhone with a dual screen is unclear.

Illustration of a folding screen

After the tests, what will come next?

Apple is still in the testing phase on the two folding prototypes. Subsequently, after carrying out all the tests, the company will decide which model to go ahead with.

There is no clear word on when the Cupertino company will launch the first foldable iPhone. This is because its development cycle and schedule within the company have not yet been finalized.

Of course, Apple will not launch a foldable smartphone as long as the screen can crease. User experience is one of the most important points in Apple policy. In addition, over the years the company has removed elements from the devices that cause malfunctions.

This foldable iPhone must have a robust, wear-proof screen. Thus, it should not be released in the next 2 years, but ... the market is the one who orders most.

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