Twitter has been taking a series of measures to stop the spread of false information. This year, the company issued a statement to underline that the political leaders present on the platform are not above the rules and it was even a video shared by Donald Trump’s account the first to win a manipulated content tag. The decision did not please the President of the United States, who even threatened to regulate or even close this social network.

Since then, Twitter has created a series of labels to provide context to tweets of this kind, with the elections of last November leading the technology company to be particularly attentive to publications on the subject. The account of the American leader was one of the most scrutinized and continues to be, since he continues to contest the results, claiming that his defeat is due to electoral fraud.

As a result, Trump has also claimed that he won the election, so Twitter decided to create a more explicit tag to remind users that the winner of the 2020 presidential election was actually Joe Biden. A company spokesman explains that the signage reflects the latest official information that exists about the election.

When we click on the label, we are taken to a page about the elections, where we can get to know, in more detail, the results, through a series of news written by reliable media.

Note that the tag came in response to yet another tweet where Trump says he won the elections and after YouTube said it is preparing to remove videos created in order to contest the election results. In both cases, the water line appears to be the same: now that Biden’s victory has been made official by the electoral authorities, all content that seeks to disseminate false information about the fact will be promptly combated.

It is recalled that Twitter decided not to expel elected politicians for spreading rumors and unconfirmed information while performing their duties. However, once the term ends, on January 20, this official statute will be revoked and Trump may end up having his account suspended if he continues on the same line of charges.

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