Twitter bought Breaker, the application for listening to podcasts in social network mode. Although the value of the deal has not been revealed, the acquisition plays a major role in the development of Spaces, the project launched by the company led by Jack Dorsey in December last year.

Through the purchase, Breaker joins the social network to “improve the quality of public discussion” and in a statement, Erik Berlin, CEO of Breaker, explains that the company is “inspired by the way Twitter facilitates conversations between people around the world”.

Starting on January 15th, Breaker will shut down its services permanently and users will be able to transfer their subscriptions or projects to other podcast applications.

It should be remembered that Spaces, which is still in a testing phase limited to a small group of users, allows the creation of spaces for voice interaction, such as chat rooms, where several people can chat in real time.

on one of the first tweets published in the Spaces account, the responsible team explains that the voice can enhance the connections between users “through the emotion, nuances and empathy that are often lost in writing”. “Sometimes 280 [carateres] it is not enough, and the voice gives people another way to join the conversation ”.

The Spaces team is also testing features such as automatic voice-to-text transcription, albeit at a very early stage. If the project is carried out after the experimental phase, users will have the opportunity to create Spaces open to the participation of their followers, who will also be able to share them. Participation in a Space will be open, but only those who create each room will be able to give voice to other members.

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