The year that most of the world stayed at home was also the best year for Twitch. The platform dedicated to live video streaming recorded the best results ever in 2020: 17 billion hours of content viewed, according to data reported by The Verge.

With the rise of virtual events and eSports, Twitch found the perfect environment to thrive. The number of hours spent on this platform increased by 83% compared to 2019.

The same publication points out, however, that the growth was not exclusive to Twitch, even though this was the featured service. All platforms dedicated to video games have seen their performance improve thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, including Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming, for example.

If for Twitch the record was 17 billion, for YouTube the new maximum was 10 billion. Facebook Gaming also grew 166% to 3.59 billion hours of viewed content.

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