When installed, Windows 10 offers the user everything they may need to use it without limitations. Of course, you need some settings to be closer to what you want and to make it easier to work with.

These additional configurations are very simple to apply and the feedback they give to the user is very large. A simple example is what we are going to show today, where we can turn off the trackpad when we connect a mouse to Windows 10.

Windows 10 touchpad mouse configuration mobility

Setting up Windows 10 to be better

With mobility increasingly present, we have to adapt our machines to any situation and any context. So, it is normal to be using the computer while traveling or in the office, with more or less peripherals to use.

So, so as not to collide with the trackpad when writing, there is a configuration that should be applied quickly. It will turn off this device whenever it detects the presence of a mouse connected to Windows 10, automatically and without intervention.

Windows 10 touchpad mouse configuration mobility

Mouse or touchpad, the best at the right time

To do this, you must first open the Windows 10 Settings from the Start Menu. Here, and from the list of options present, you must choose the one associated with the peripherals of this system. So choose the Devices option.

Within this area, which deals with all devices external to the system, you must choose the Touchpad tab. It is here that you must change the option that keeps the touchpad enabled or disabled when a mouse is connected.

Windows 10 touchpad mouse configuration mobility

The ideal mode for those who are always on the move

As soon as the option is changed, the change is applied. Ideally, keep the touchpad off when a mouse is connected. Thus, the user when typing will not accidentally move the mouse to another window or delete text he does not want.

Being a simple option to apply, it must be activated as soon as the user installs Windows 10. The use is not affected, since in mobility, and without the mouse, the touchpad is again active and ready to be used to control the computer.

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