Intel is one of the oldest brands in the technology world. But there are certain points where it has not yet managed to keep up with the trend and evolution of other manufacturers. And one of the proofs is that the company still remains faithful to the 14 nanometer manufacturing system.

However, now the Chinese giant TSMC will start producing Intel processors as early as 2021.

Intel has not yet managed to exit the 14 nm and 10 nm manufacturing process for its chips. However, its rival AMD has clearly grown in the market. Proof of this is that recently our readers considered AMD to be the best processor manufacturer today. And one of the reasons for this growth is also the fact that AMD has evolved at the level of CPUs through the advanced technologies of TSMC.

In this sense, as a way to make up for lost time, Intel is now turning to the help of the same factory.

TSMC to start manufacturing processors for Intel

According to a recent report published by the website TrendForce, Intel and TSMC have now created a partnership. In this agreement, the giant Taiwanese manufacturer will start dedicating 20% ​​to 25% of the production of its non-CPU chip wafers.

But in addition to that, TSMC will start to receive mass manufacturing orders for my Core i3 processors. And these new chips will already be manufactured in a 5 nm lithography. However, these components should not reach the market until 2022, after the arrival of the Alder Lake generation that still maintains the 10 nm process.

According to TrendForce, this partnership will expand even further in 2022. This is because, at that time, the Taiwanese manufacturer will be responsible for the production of certain parts of Intel's mid-range and high-end processors. And, in these components, the 3 nm process will already be used.

However, it remains to be seen whether these chips are intended for notebooks or desktops, but there is every indication that Intel will turn to TSMC for mass production of both.

Thus, according to the report, this partnership will allow Intel to remain on the market as one of the largest companies in this segment. But surely the Chinese manufacturer will also help Intel to grow further.

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