The US government has appealed a court decision that prevents the Department of Commerce from imposing restrictions on the Chinese social network TikTok, which would lead to its ban in the United States. Washington indicated, in a succinct procedural document, quoted Monday by the French news agency AFP, that it filed an appeal, without giving further information.

On December 7, a Washington court judge suspended a decree from President Donald Trump’s administration that aimed to ban social networking, owned by the Chinese group ByteDance, on American soil for national security reasons. Judge Carl Nichols considered this attempt “arbitrary and capricious”.

After the Department of Commerce “frozen” the ban on the popular application, postponing the decision until further legal developments, the Donald Trump administration chose not to grant ByteDance the extension of an order that required the Chinese company to sell the assets of the TikTok in the United States.

The Trump administration decree was passed in August as part of a series of national emergency laws to enact measures against the music and video sharing network, which claims 100 million users in the United States. According to the US Government, the personal data of TikTok users can be used by Beijing.

ByteDance rejects accusations of espionage on behalf of the Chinese government, but the Trump administration demands that all TikTok assets held in the United States be transferred to American property.

The TikTok algorithm, which allows content to be displayed that is more likely to interest users according to their tastes, is in the spotlight.

In September, the same judge, Carl Nichols, blocked an order also from the Department of Commerce aimed at forcing Apple and Google to remove the social network from their mobile application download platforms.

Washington appealed the decision in mid-December.

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