Last week’s troubled events in the US have been echoing on various social networks. Donald Trump has been systematically blocked and subsequently banned from his normal channels of communication after inciting hatred and violence.

Without access to his Twitter account, the American president is now trying to circumvent the blocking of this social network, using other accounts. Twitter is aware and has constantly blocked these publications. Donald Trump’s idea is apparently to create his social network.

Twitter Donald Trump USA social networks blocked

Trump tries to break through Twitter blocks

After seeing his Twitter account permanently banned, Donald Trump has tried by all means to get around this block. His initial idea was to use other accounts he has access to, to try to get his message across.

The problem is that Twitter is aware and has strong measures to apply to these situations. Initially, an obvious account was attempted and to which the American president has easy access. We talk about @POTUS, where some very threatening messages were published.

Twitter Donald Trump USA social networks blocked

US President wants to create his social network?

Twitter quickly eliminated those same publications, which can be seen in the image above. In that message, Donald Trump complained about the lack of freedom of speech and attacked Twitter repeatedly. He also left the certainty that he is negotiating with other networks and that he will soon have news.

Upon seeing this account firmly controlled, Donald Trump later tried other ways within Twitter. He used his election campaign account (@TeamTrump), where he again published the same message, which naturally led to this account also being blocked.

Several deleted publications and accounts have been blocked

Finally, several of your supporters are making their Twitter accounts available, so that the message can be propagated. These accounts should have the same treatment, as happened to one of Donald Trump's campaign managers, Gary Coby, who didn't even publish anything. The account was blocked when it was prepared for Trump.

The siege seems to tighten up to the still president of the USA. The vast majority of social networks temporarily blocked accounts, but the final decision turned out to be a permanent block, with the justification of wanting to control the spread of hate messages and encourage violence.

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