Dutch studios at Vertigo Games and the Little Chicken Game Company recently announced Traffic Jams, a new VR game that, if you think about it, makes perfect sense.

Come and see how it is possible to be a traffic policeman without leaving the room.

By the words of the person in charge of the game and supported by the images we see in the trailer, we can count on perfectly chaotic situations in traffic. In fact, on many occasions, traffic will not even be the player's main problem ...

The game is in development, and was designed, for VR. As you can see from the images, the players will have to act as a signal policeman and, as we can see in the video below, the gestures to be used in the game are simple and intuitive.

However, and as you will see in the game, a signal policeman is subject to a large number of distractions while performing his duties and this is where the most chaotic component of the game takes place. Imagine a furious wasp attacking the police, while trying to control the chaos in the traffic that surrounds it !!!

By the way, "the first distraction to be included was that of the furious wasp“Revealed Yannis Bolman, of Little Chicken Game Company. “It is simple to recognize and understand how to resolve. That is, by waving our arms we will be able to keep the wasp away, but, when we are signal police, moving our arms madly may not be a good thing, right ??"

There will be 5 different locations for the unfortunate policeman, including Paris and Amsterdam (city of Vertigo Games studios).

In addition to the killer wasp, players will also be able to count on many other inconveniences to arise while controlling traffic. So if suddenly, it seems that the conditions are met for a game that can be quite fun, especially if we take into account that the game can be played with more friends.

Traffic Jams is in development for Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR and other Vr headsets for PC, in the first quarter of 2021, but with no specific release date yet to be announced.

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