We have been seeing an increase in investment in electric cars, by the brands we know so well. This is because, in fact, consumers are increasingly interested in less polluting and, if possible, smarter vehicles.

However, not everything is rosy and the CEO of Toyota considers that electric cars are being overvalued.

Akio Toyoda

Toyota CEO afraid of widespread electric cars

During a press conference, Akio Toyoda, number one at Toyota and president of the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association, made comments and questions about the viability of electric cars.

In addition to the reference to electric vehicles being overvalued, the executive underlined the excessive publicity that is nowadays associated with them. Likewise, it considers that the consequences of a possible massification of mobility without emissions are not being adequately assessed. This, specifically related to the Japanese economic system.

Akio Toyoda

Toyoda therefore criticized supporters of electric cars. So, focusing only on the sustainability of this technology, they are not taking into account the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the production of electricity. Furthermore, he considers that they are not assessing the social costs of a large-scale transition.

The more electric cars we produce, the more carbon emissions will increase.

Akio Toyoda said.

The Japanese case

Regarding Japan, number one in the Toyota he warned that if the entire automobile fleet were to become electric and were in operation, the country would face a blackout. Subsequently, it would be necessary to create an infrastructure capable of supporting all the necessary electricity and which would cost between 14 and 37 billion yen (from 110 to 290 billion euros).

The CEO is clearly concerned about the widespread use of electric cars, as Japan relies heavily on coal and natural gas for electricity production.

When politicians say 'let's get rid of all cars that use gasoline', do you understand what that means?

Toyoda asked.

Akio Toyoda

In addition, the CEO fears that increasingly stringent regulations, when related to fossil fuel-powered cars, will remove cars from the reach of the lower classes.

The current automotive business model will collapse.

Akio Toyoda finished.

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