Over time, Google, Microsoft and other companies that create browsers have equipped their browsers with PDF readers. This is a format that is increasingly used and that users want to keep in mind on their machines for a variety of purposes. As not everyone wants to use the browser to read and even try to edit these files, we can have alternatives.

Let’s abandon the browser and choose a more capable and prepared tool to be the reader of PDFs. See how simple it is to do.

PDF browser Windows 10 reader files

A role that now belongs to the browser

Browsers have assumed, in recent years, a role that until recently was not yours. With new capabilities, they replace apps that were on the system or that they have natively, always to try to help users to carry out their tasks.

Reading PDF files is a perfect example of this. Reserved until recently for specific apps, it ended up being absorbed by any of the browsers present in Windows 10. Since not everyone wants this change, it is important to reverse this step.

PDF browser Windows 10 reader files

Changing the PDF file reader

For that, they must open the Definitions Windows 10 and then look inside for the option applications. Then the separator must be selected Predefined applications to continue. At the end of the present options they must choose Select applications by file type.

This is where you find all the files that Windows 10 has registered. This list should therefore be scrolled down until the entry for PDF is found. This is where we are going to change the app defined to open these files and where they can see the one in use.

PDF browser Windows 10 reader files

Simple change to make in Windows 10

By clicking on the present entry you will see the list of registered apps to handle PDFs. They just need to choose the one they want to use, and it can be any of the ones that are presented, including even another browser on the list.

Of course, this process can be repeated for any other type of files. Just find your entry in the list and then choose the app you want to associate for the future. Simple, fast and adapted to the user, as you want in any change to Windows 10.

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