The relationship between social networks and Donald Trump was no longer peaceful and, in the face of his behavior after the “assault” on Capitol Hill, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram took tighter measures, blocking the outgoing president’s account.

It is true that Donald Trump does not have a TikTok account, but the social network has decided to ban and remove any type of content related to the riot carried out by his supporters that caused the temporary suspension of Joe Biden’s victory rectification session, as well like the death of at least five people.

To Tech Crunch website, the social network confirmed changes to its content policy. At issue are, for example, videos of speeches where Donald Trump addresses his supporters to reiterate his allegations that there was fraud in the vote counting in the presidential elections.

The company also explained that it will remove videos that incite, glorify or promote acts of violence, as they clearly violate its community policies. The contents will be removed from the platform as they are identified, either by users or by the automated mechanisms of the social network.

In addition, hashtags such as #stormthecapitol or #patriotparty will be blocked, in order to reduce their visibility in the application. Previously, the social network had proceeded in a similar way in relation to tags such as #stopthesteal or #QAnon.

However, there are exceptions when publishing content related to the incident. Videos that condemn their violence or that originate from news organizations can remain, although they will have a warning asking if the user really wants to see them, in particular, if they demonstrate graphic acts of violence.

However, the website details that it came across TikTok videos that show one of the riot’s deadly victims, which later disappeared. The content in question did not come from news media, presenting itself only as a direct recording of what happened on Capitol Hill.

It should be recalled that, in the case of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg came to announce that after all the accounts of the outgoing president of the United States are suspended indefinitely. It is certain that until at least until January 20, the date on which his presidency ends, Donald Trump will not be able to publish anything in his accounts.

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