Flying vehicles are undoubtedly a synonym for the future. In fact, imagine being able to escape the confusion of the road, in order to get to your destination faster, but also escaping the confusion of airports …

Then, Geneal Motors Co presented, on Tuesday, a flying self-driving vehicle, a smell of what could bring us the future.

Futuristic Cadillac

Capable vehicle to turn from roof to roof

Clearly, General Motors is at the forefront of automotive development with the launch of this futuristic vehicle. In addition to flying, the Cadillac is also self-driving and could be the trigger for a new and future concept of personal transport.

With a capacity for a single passenger, the flying vehicle promises to be able to travel from roof to roof at a speed of around 80 km / h. This, of course, combined with a vertical take-off and landing system (VTOL).

VTOL is the key to General Motors' vision for a multimodal future.

Said Mike Simcoe, head of design at General Motors.

Flying vehicle

That way, you can transport the passenger over the streets and highways, completing routes faster.

In addition to being flying, the vehicle is fully autonomous and electric, being equipped with a 90 kW engine and a GM Ultium battery. Regarding the body, it has four pairs of rotors and, of course, it is extremely light.

Futuristic and revolutionary means of transport

As revealed Mary Barra, chief executive of General Motors, the automaker is very focused on exploring alternative modes of transport. In addition to this flying vehicle for personal transport, they also thought of air taxis, for example.

In fact, the flying vehicle was presented in a video along with an electric shuttle, a Cadillac for the whole family. This, in turn, appeared on the video as a product coming soon with sliding doors and a panoramic glass roof. In addition, the cabin will have seats arranged in the form of a lounge, as well as biometric sensors, voice control and recognition of manual gestures.

So, although General Motors did not give any further details, we know that they will certainly be two futuristic and quite different machines.

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