In terms of layout it is similar to a Google Doc sheet, but the potential of the Input are much bigger. The website is free and wants to help teams in teleworking to be more productive, without complications.

Through the platform it is possible to assign tasks, collaborate with comments and understand where your help is most needed. For this, the website allows you to see where your work is, who is responsible for each step and what tasks still need to be completed.

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If you want to share a document you are working on with your colleagues, you can also do so, via a link or email. Note, however, that by default, no one can see the documents you have created. And how to assign someone a task? In that case, you must also assign a part of the text you have written.

As with Google Docs, each person has a defined color for themselves, accompanied by the contact’s image. In this way, it becomes easier to understand and organize the tasks of employees.

As a goal, the website aims to reduce the number of meetings or emails shared between team members. Either way, it can also be useful as a note-taking tool to make meetings more productive.

To register on the platform you can use your Google or Apple account. If you prefer, you can always register via email.

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