The world remains in a pandemic state and, as is normal, there are those who deny and challenge everything we are experiencing. Denialists have had an impact on this pandemic, harming others who comply with all rules imposed by the governments of the various countries.

Did you know that an app was created to promote secret parties? Apple has already accepted it and removed it from the app store.

COVID-19: There was a controversial app to promote secret parties

Vybe Together: the COVID-19 denialists app

In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic that we are experiencing, a series of situations have happened that can be considered simply ridiculous. With the largest of the countries imposing restrictions, there are those who want to ignore what is happening and “face” the virus.

2020 will certainly be the year of social detachment and staying at home, but there was a controversial app on the App Store that promoted secret private parties. Fortunately Apple has already discovered it and removed it from the App Store this week.

The app was called Vybe Together and appeared with the slogan “Get your rebel on. Get your party on ”. The site has also been disabled, but using the service archive you can see what was available. The app used the location of users to reveal, in less than two hours, party locations in times of full pandemic by COVID-19.

Find Parties: Find private parties. Apply to get access. If you are approved the location will be revealed to you two hours before the party begins.

Create parties: Organize and create get-togethers for trendy people in your area. It's super easy! Vet everyone who applies to your party, and only approve who you want.

Create a beautiful profile with photos that tells the world who you are.

For now the app is no longer available, although there are some recent publications on the social network TikTok. Alongside this app, there have been other similar initiatives around the world that challenge this pandemic by COVID-19.

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