Continuing with its year-end celebrations, Epic Games released the third free game out of a pack of 15 games that will be available until the last day of the year.

This time the game chosen was The Long Dark, a survival adventure where our character will face many challenges as the population suffers from a blackout caused by a geomagnetic event.

The game is available for only 1 day and you can redeem it until 1 pm on December 20 where a new game will be made available for free.

The first two titles available were Cities: Skylines which is a city building game and Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty which is a platform game.

The Long Dark

Welcome to the Silent Apocalypse

Intense lights shine in the night sky. The strong wind blows outside the thin walls of your log cabin. A wolf howls in the distance.

You look at the scarce supplies in your backpack and dream of the days leading up to the mysterious blackout. How much longer will you survive?

Welcome to THE LONG DARK, the innovative experience of survival and exploration that Wired magazine calls “the height of an entire genre”.

The Long Dark is a survival and exploration experience that demands attention and challenges players to think for themselves as they explore an extensive frozen wasteland following a geomagnetic disaster. There are no zombies, just you, the cold and all the threats that Mother Nature is capable of meeting.

To get the game you need an Epic Games Store account and when you are logged in just enter game page and click on the “Get” button. This way the game will be added to your library and you can install it whenever you want.

Tell us in the comments what you think of the games released so far and what is the expectation for the next ones!

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