Apple decided to launch 5G technology across its line of iPhones 12. So, a few weeks after its launch, the iPhone 12 became the world’s best-selling 5G smartphone model, according to figures published by Counterpoint Research.

These good sales figures, according to what has been advanced, are marking both Apple’s partner companies and the technologies available on these devices.

Image iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

The numbers, if accurate, are particularly impressive. In October, not all models were available yet. However, Cupertino’s company was left with not 1, but with 2 devices in the first places.

In all, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro reportedly captured 1/4 of total 5G smartphone sales for the month.

There are several reports that convey the good moment in sales of this new smartphone from Apple. In a recent report it is said that each of the iPhone 12 models sold much more than previous models (of the same range) launched in the last three years.

The iPhone 12 brings several assets to the market

A high quality screen, the camera set and LiDAR technology are some of the assets that Apple is exploring. In addition, in countries that already have 5G, this technology is also an asset.

In the future, demand for the iPhone 12 series is likely to remain strong until the fourth quarter of 2020, especially during the December holiday season. Apple’s strong sales will also boost volumes in the segment premium, elevating the global ASP.

Due to the late launch, some of the sales will be pushed into the following months, thus also maintaining the momentum of the iPhone 12 series in early 2021. Through the iPhone 12 series, Apple also gave a much needed boost to the 5G smartphone market, which achieved its largest share ever, 24% in global smartphone sales in October.

He wrote Counterpoint in his report.

5G image on iPhone 12

But are people buying for 5G?

An interesting point would be to observe how many people actually bought the iPhone 12 for its 5G features. At the moment, 5G is limited because of the infrastructure still under development, as we have seen in Portugal. It is likely that the power of 5G will not really become apparent for some time, eventually we will need more than a year.

Still, there are many compelling reasons to buy an iPhone 12 series device that doesn’t involve 5G.

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