Microsoft, and despite all the problems that have arisen, has done a very positive job in the security field. Windows 10 is a secure system that has surrounded itself with the right tools to keep it that way.

Still, this system often needs to see problems fixed. These corrections appear in the form of updates, which usually arrive on Patch Tuesday. The first of 2021 arrived now and tried to correct some relevant flaws in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update security fixes

The first Patch Tuesday of 2021 has arrived

It is always on the Monday of each month that Microsoft brings the latest security fixes to Windows 10. This brings together all the improvements that have been developed. Of course, they must be installed urgently on this operating system.

January 2021 was no different and the new update has now arrived. This focuses on all versions of Windows 10 still supported and in use. They have different distribution numbers, but the vast majority of problems fixed are the same.

Many fixes for Windows 10

Documentation made available by Microsoft, this update brings a very large set of fixes. At the top are 83 vulnerabilities that are addressed in Windows 10, with 10 of them classified as Critical and 73 marked as Important.

Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update security fixes

Important security update for this system

The main flaws are in HTTPS connections and access to intranets, which are thus more secure. They are no longer able to use proxy settings without configuring it. Printers' RPC communications have been improved and are more secure.

There are also, however, fixes and improvements with regard to the use of external devices in Windows 10. This includes webcams, game controllers and printers. Standard security updates for Office and other software have also been included.

As always, and given the relevance of this update, its installation is recommended immediately. This should be in the Windows 10 update zone. It will be ready to be applied immediately, thus ensuring maximum security for this system.

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