Boston Dynamics is saying goodbye to 2020 with a fabulous video. In it we can see their robots in an impressive choreography dancing to the classical music “Do You Love Me?”.

The fun video offers the first glimpse of two Atlas robots working together, while highlighting the speed with which these technologies are developing.

Boston Dynamics Spot and Atlas robots image

Boston Dynamics gives a new year show with its robots

In 2018, Boston Dynamics released a fun video with its Spot robot, dancing “Uptown Funk”. The playful video was a small demonstration of Spot's wide range of movements, exciting at the time, but very simplistic looking behind today's advantage.

Now the company intensified the challenge and published a long choreographed dance video where the stars are two Atlas robots, Spot and a special participation of Handle, a model with wheels.

Good Year 2021 robotic

Yes, this hit, danced by metallic beings, is a kind of New Year gift from the company. As we can appreciate, the video is the first vision of two Atlas humanoid robots working as a team.

This year of 2020 we have already seen Spot in many mundane tasks, common professions, showing its value as a commercial product.

However, the Atlas, which is still technically a robot prototype, already demonstrates an incredibly rapid evolution achieved in the last decade. As you may remember, this robot in 2013 was barely able to walk. In 2015 he was already jumping obstacles, and three years later he was seen completing a spectacular parkour routine.

2021 for bringing Atlas to the market where Spot is already

As shown in this year that is now ending, the Spot robot was the only commercial product available from the company. This 4-legged machine finally hit the market earlier this year at a price of $ 75,000.

In addition to making quick dance moves, the robot dog was seen herding sheep in New Zealand, helping to treat patients with COVID-19 and working at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The Handle is perhaps the most practical model of the company. This was first revealed in 2017, the wheeled robot appears designed for pragmatic uses in warehouses, but, like Atlas, it is not yet commercially available.

These robots don't lack agility

Yes it is true that videos of robots dancing are not new. However, they have a mission to show how far ahead Boston Dynamics technologies are.

The market remains hot for this company, given that several companies have already shown interest in its acquisition. The last was Hyundai.

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