The electric car market has suffered some setbacks with the arrival of COVID-19. As with all the others, sales fell at the beginning of the year, a process that unfortunately was normal and was even expected in view of the moment.

Of course, this was one of the quickest markets to react and quickly the sales figures started to grow again, returning to those they had before. Now that the year is ending, it is time to review these figures and Tesla remains at the top.

Tesla Model 3 electric car sales market

Over the past few years Tesla has dominated the electric car market. This has been able to remain firmly in this position, always with its new models taking on the prominent positions, even with everything that the competition presents.

Sales of electric and hybrid cars

The latest data, referring to the accumulated of 2020, show that the Tesla Model 3 continues to dominate the sales of electric and hybrid cars. This is a position that he has held for a long time and that he seems to keep for a few more good months.

Tesla Model 3 electric car sales market

With a 12% market share, the Model 3 is preparing to repeat the feat of the previous 2 years. It will remain at the top and without competitors. The closest, the Renault Zoe, claims only 3% of the market share. The first hybrid, the Volkswagen Passat PHEV, is out of the top 10.

October reinforces the position of the Model 3

In concrete terms, and referring only to electric and in the month of October, Tesla continues to dominate without competition. It is again the Model 3 that is at the top and well highlighted. Below is the Wuling Mini EV, which is only sold in the Chinese market.

Tesla Model 3 electric car sales market

Very important is the change of position between Volkswagen's ID.3 and Tesla's Model Y. In the previous month the positions were reversed, with the German car being in the third position. This change reveals that Tesla is again imposing its models.

Tesla dominates market in brands

In terms of brands, the scenario is very similar to what is seen in sales. Tesla dominates, followed by Volkswagen and BYD (other Chinese manufacturer). This is another scenario that will certainly not change in the immediate future.

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