A new video shows the Tesla Model 3 Performance moving between San Francisco and Los Angeles, in the United States, with virtually no human intervention, thanks to the Full Self-Driving (FSD) mode, which is still in beta.

The video was accelerated to compress the trip of about 600 kilometers. However, it is still easy to analyze the vehicle’s changing direction decisions via the touchscreen of the all-electric car.

The only apparent human intervention during the trip comes when the vehicle approached some debris on the road. In the video description on Whole Mars Catalog YouTube Channel, the driver explains that the wreckage “appeared suddenly after a car had turned aside”. So, “I couldn’t wait to confirm whether the FSD would avoid them and I had to make sure to get around them”.

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It should also be noted that the driver talks about a “strange behavior” of the vehicle, which moved, during the trip, to a side road. Admitting that he should have intervened, the driver guarantees that he was attentive and felt it was safe to continue without taking control.

On the YouTube channel, the driver says the trip was not perfect. Still, “it was such an impressive milestone that I had to share it anyway,” he writes.

Tesla launches Full Self-Driving in beta but urges drivers to exercise caution

Tesla initiated the launch of the limited FSD beta at the end of october 2020. At the time, the company ensured, however, that the appeal requires extra caution from drivers, warning them to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road while the vehicle is in motion.

FSD offers additional driver assistance features over the current Tesla autopilot offering. Among the various features, it allows you to change lanes and park automatically, while also recognizing traffic lights. Therefore, it makes it possible to move autonomously through the city streets.

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