Tesla wants, more than any other brand, to make driving completely autonomous. Thus, the company has equipped its electric cars with all the necessary hardware so that the vehicles can be driven only by its technology. According to its CEO, driving autonomously on Tesla nowadays only depends on the software.

A video shows how a Tesla Model 3 behaves over 600 kilometers, with virtually no human help.

Tesla image in autonomous driving

Is the technology ready to move towards autonomous driving?

As we can see, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (or autonomous driving) may still be in beta, but that doesn’t stop the first users from using it for autonomous trips… or almost autonomous!

Second information, the Tesla Whole Mars Catalog enthusiast published a video showing his FSD-equipped Model 3 traveling the way between San Francisco and Los Angeles with virtually no intervention. The only exception was shortly after entering Los Angeles, when the driver took the reins to avoid garbage on the road.

However, pay attention to the return video, where the driver says there are zero interventions.

As has been reported by several dedicated channels to the brand, this may be the first known and recorded occurrence of autonomous driving to complete a journey without direct driver information.

Although he is still in beta mode and the driver cannot take his hands off the wheel, this is a remarkable achievement. In addition, this example allows us to understand how far we will be from autonomous cars traveling on our roads.

In fact, in the video, the images are narrated by an intervention by Elon Musk. He goes on to describe the condition of his cars. At some point, he says that in terms of hardware, the Tesla are ready for autonomous driving, the bet now is on the software.

A trip that could go down in Tesla history

In the past we saw videos where the machine’s ability to drive short journeys with virtually no driver intervention was shown. However, here it is more than 600 kilometers, in the middle of a series of real variables where Tesla took care of the decisions.

Of course, in the video the driver is seen taking care of driving at a certain time, but just because in a very particular situation, that of dodging debris on the road, autonomous driving might not make the right decision. This will still be the stage that remains to be overcome, having the confidence that technology in this and other cases of the kind knows how to react safely to the driver and to third parties.

There are several points that are still being tested, such as the ideal conditions for Tesla radars. As is known, these machines have several cameras, sensors, sonars that are adapting to the climate, and other factors that differ from area to area, country to country. Elon Musk has always defended his technologies, criticized others, such as LiDAR. So, this is another important step towards becoming a technology that will make every car on the road a taxi robot.

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