As we have seen, the sale of electric cars has grown in recent years. 2020 did not follow this line, but the reasons are obvious and well known. In this scenario, the sales figures for electric cars in Portugal were revealed.

If a drop in sales was already expected, the truth is that two brands vied for the top. Tesla dominated in our country, but only in light cars, where it beat its competitor in this field, Renault.

electric cars Tesla Renault Portugal 2020

The data revealed now arise from ACAP and account for the scenario that 2020 has brought us. Sales in the automotive market fell, as expected, with 176,992 new vehicles being put into circulation, representing a year-on-year decrease of 33.9 percent.

Tesla dominated the sale of light electric cars in 2020

In the field of light electric cars, an area of ​​increasing interest, the numbers have been growing most of the time in Portugal. In total, and during 2020, 7,876 electric cars were registered, coming from 10 brands.

electric cars Tesla Renault Portugal 2020

This area of ​​the market was dominated by Tesla, which placed 1,413 vehicles on our roads. Second is Renault with 1,257 cars and the top 3 is closed by Nissan with 1,165 cars. The list goes on with Peugeot, Hyundai and Smart.

Total numbers put Renault at the top in Portugal

If it is clear that Tesla dominated electric cars in Portugal in 2020, the same will not happen if car sales figures are included in the light goods category. Here the top of the table changes and Renault takes the first position, with 1,415, distancing itself from the runner-up, Tesla.

electric cars Tesla Renault Portugal 2020

There are also changes in the rest of the top of the table, with Mercedes swapping places with the Mini, and the one that thus assumes the end of the table. As there are not many proposals in this segment, the table ends up being stable and with no further changes in places.

Although we are still far from the number of other countries, where trams are more widely implemented, sales in Portugal are encouraging. In 2020, there was a growth of 13.8% when comparing the figures with the previous year.

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