Telegram has been an alternative to WhatsApp and other messaging services for many years. More than the security they claim, the many features of this service are their added value and what many users want most.

For the creator of Telegram has now come out to the public to reveal something that few would like to be announced. The service will change and become publicized, so that it is viable and has a future. In addition, there are new features that appear now at the end of the year.

Telegram advertising conversations voice messages

The inevitable arrival of advertising

Telegram financing has never been a topic discussed. The entire service was supported by its creator, who used his funds to pay the amounts necessary for its maintenance. However, with values ​​of 500 million active users, the paradigm will have to change.

It was Pavel Durov himself who revealed the necessary changes and that his service will apply, together with a set of principles to be followed. With a need for several thousand dollars a year, it is time to monetize this project.

It is in this extensive text that the future is revealed. The presence of advertising will be a certainty, but only in places that are understood not to be critical for users. There is also a promise that the Telegram core will be kept free, although some extras may have to be paid for.

Voice conversations for all groups

In conjunction with this novelty, another improvement was revealed that will arrive now for everyone. We speak of voice chats, which now exist within each group. These take place in parallel with written messages and file exchanges, creating a new layer of interaction.

Once again, Telegram has created a user-friendly interface that will please users. As an extra to any channel, it will present information whenever calls and conversations are taking place. It will show this and the number of users participating.

The user interface is also simple and minimalist. It gives the user only 3 buttons, which allow to turn off, mute the microphone or connect to the loudspeaker. With this control, participation in calls can be managed, inside and outside the Telegram interface.

Telegram messages get more interesting

This novelty will be available on the various Telegram customers and thus reach the most diverse operating systems. There are other novelties, which can be found on the page where everything was presented in great detail.

If voice conversations were already expected at Telegram, the truth is that the change that Pavel Durov brought is important for the survival of this service, which is increasingly important and used by millions every day.

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