A technical problem in the ‘e-invoice’ portal temporarily prevented the validation by consumers of invoices related to 2020, but it has since been solved and it is possible to do so until February 25, the Ministry of Finance told Lusa.

The agency Lusa found out earlier today that it is not possible to validate the invoices for last year ‘online’, with the message “It is no longer possible to complete the information on invoices for 2020”, despite the deadline for this effect. not yet finished.

According to an official source from the Ministry of Finance, it was a “technical problem” related to the change of year, which was detected last night and solved this morning.

The deadline for validating invoices on the Finance Portal, for the purpose of deduction in the IRS, runs until the deadline of 25 February.

“The value of deductions from collection is determined by the Tax and Customs Authority based on the invoices communicated to you, electronically, until February 25 of the year following the issue, in relation to each purchaser identified in them”, reads -in Article 78-B (5) of the Income Tax Code for Individuals (CIRS).

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