The publisher Lion Castle recently revealed the release date of Taxi Chaos, a game that brings back memories of two hits from the last century, Carmageddon, or Crazy Taxi.

Pedestrians and tourists get ready, as chaos will start.

Lion Castle recently revealed the release date of the game being developed by Team6 Game Studios, Taxi Chaos, a kind of modern-day Carmageddon. In fact, for perfectionists, this game may even be identified as a successor to Crazy Taxi, developed by SEGA.

Taxi Chaos will therefore be a title that puts the player in the shoes of a taxi driver who will do anything to take his customers to their destinations. Everything goes, so that the customer is satisfied and arrives at their destination on time and as such, pedestrians and other drivers will never feel safe again.

Players will be able to unlock various vehicles (taxis) throughout the game, so the madness and chaos will always be different. Each car will have its own characteristics, and thus, the damage it will cause will be different between each one.

It will certainly be interesting to take a muscle car (we still don't know if the brands will be real or fictional) to deliver a customer downtown (inspired by New York), in the middle of rush hour.

Imagine the traffic stopped and those sidewalks next door so desirable ... the terraces and pedestrians are mere details, which will not stop the most motivated taxi driver.

And as far as is known, customers will not mind it either. A shock, a somersault on a ramp, running over a few pedestrians ... none of that will bother you, as long as you reach your destination in time. Taxi Chaos is about getting to your destination as quickly, no matter how.

And this, because besides the madness of the game, some customers will also be a little crazy. We can find hippies, plumbers, rock stars and even aliens ... yes, they read well ... aliens, they can come to enjoy our ride.

Taxi Chaos will arrive on February 23 next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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