With the COVID-19 pandemic not giving up, video calls mark the entry into the new year: whether to keep up with the news with family and friends, or for virtual work meetings.

It is true that there are already several ways to make video calls more interesting, for example in Zoom, where the various filters present themselves as a fun way to “break the ice”. But what if you could take them to a customizable virtual world? Through of the Topia website it’s possible.

In addition to being able to see and chat with all the participants during the video calls made at Topia, each person is transformed into a small doll that can walk through the virtual space and interact with its different elements. The platform provides several “templates” so that you can create your own world and adapt it to your needs, while also allowing the inclusion of music, videos and links to other websites.

See how video calls work on Topia

If you feel a little “lost” when using Topia, or, if you need tips when it comes to personalizing your online space, you can always visit help section of the website, which also provides suggestions for resolving any audio or video problems that may arise.

Virtual sessions at Topia, which have encryption for greater security, are free for up to 25 participants, but there are various paid modalities with even more advanced features that allow more people to gather. Featured is a Premium mode with a capacity of up to 100 participants, as well as another one designed for large online events.

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