Who doesn’t like a good hobby, especially when a good prize is involved? We all like prizes and gifts, but what if there is a contest where everyone can win?

Discover the benefits of PureVPN and participate in the #PureVPNHolidayDeal competition to access a direct prize.

PureVPN and the Christmas parties

Today, PureVPN is synonymous with quality, speed and security as a VPN provider, and this time it comes to promote its “puzzle” contest, #PureVPNHolidayDeal.

Here, anyone can score on the premium plan at the best possible price. To participate and win the contest, we just need to follow a few simple steps.

But after all, who is this hobby so impressive?

So, PureVPN currently offers its 1 year plan with 82% discount. But when you enter the contest and do all the steps correctly, you will receive a coupon code with an additional 50% discount.

Therefore, after knowing the great offer, just participate in the contest #PureVPNHolidayDeal, or read on for more details.

Hobby #PureVPNHolidayDeal

PureVPN runs its hobby during the festive season to enjoy the Christmas spirit with VPN users worldwide. By participating in the contest, it is possible to win the PureVPN 1-year plan with an additional 50% discount.

The 1-year plan is being offered for € 21.88, which represents an 82% discount. Adding the 50% discount you can earn on the competition, you get the 1 year plan for as little as € 10.94.

To enter the contest, here is a list of some easy steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to the hobby page PureVPN #PureVPNHolidayDeal.
  2. Click on the button Unlock Your Reward button
  3. You will then be forwarded to the Contest Box
  4. Click to enter:
    1. Step 1: Follow PureVPN on Instagram
    2. Step 2: Re-tweet on Twitter
    3. Once these points are over, you will get a 50% discount automatically, through a discount coupon.
How to Redeem your PureVPN Discount Coupon Code?
  1. Copy the code.
  2. Choose the 1 year plan on the same page, below
  3. Paste the discount into the coupon field
  4. Click Apply

And it all!

PureVPN can be a perfect, safe and economical holiday gift.

Thus, PureVPN can be considered as the perfect holiday gift, which you can offer yourself this year.

Certainly, security and freedom on the Internet are the primary needs of every user, including the reader. When you go to your favorite cafe, it is important to have peace of mind while browsing from a public network. When you're bored at home, you want to get around location restrictions on streaming services like Netflix or Disney + to watch your favorite TV shows.

Likewise, when using the Internet from your home network, you don't want your browsing history to fall into the hands of your ISP.

So VPNs help a lot to get rid of all these problems, and the PureVPN is the best VPN for this purpose.

Trusted VPN service

For starters, PureVPN is one of the most reliable VPNs in 2020, as its NO-LOG policy is supported by the world's leading security auditors: Altius IT and KPMG.

This time, as a VPN service with NO-LOG, PureVPN states that it does not record your browsing history, VPN IP address, IP address provided by the ISP, or connection time. All of these details can lead to privacy risks if they are kept exposed to prying eyes.

Trust offered even by leading platforms

PureVPN's reliability can also be ensured by its ratings and analyzes in the public service Trustpilot.

The world's most popular analytics platform awarded PureVPN 4.8 points out of 5 possible ratings, based on more than 11,000 reviews. The abundance of positive comments reflects PureVPN's quality of service.

Feature-rich application

In addition, PureVPN has a wide range of features and functionality that help you enjoy better security, privacy and freedom on the Internet.

Its most outstanding features include Kill Switch, IPv6 leak protection, Split Tunneling, Secure Wi-Fi, 10 multi-logins, more than 6,500 servers VPN in more than 140 countries, more than 300,000 IP addresses, unlimited bandwidth, and more.

Better Accessibility

On the other hand, PureVPN has dedicated servers for streaming that allow top speeds and accessibility.

When configuring and running PureVPN, you can access Netflix US with six other regions, as well as unrestricted access to Disney +, Hulu US, BBC iPlayer, and many more.

Super Extended Money Back Guarantee

One of the most secure aspects of PureVPN lies in the 31 day money back guarantee on any plan you choose. This means you have a whole month, plus an additional day to make sure that PureVPN meets your expectations and needs.

So, you can enjoy all that and more as soon as you subscribe to PureVPN. Keep in mind that the discount coupon code will be valid until 31 December 2020. Therefore, participate in this contest and win 50% discount on PureVPN's 1-year plan.

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